Hardwood flooring is one the most practical floor options to choose from. Hardwood Flooring provides a wealth of options from different stains and finishes to unique designs and styles. The beauty and elegance of hardwood flooring can really give a room character. Ease of care and durability are additional benefits that make Hardwood Flooring so attractive. If the Hardwood Floors are properly maintained, they could last a lifetime.
From bamboo & cork flooring to exotic woods, our Hardwood Floor Installers will take special care in helping determine what best suits your needs. Not only will a new hardwood floor look fantastic, it can also increase the value of your home or commercial property. Hardwood floors can reduce allergens and provide a healthier home.

Richards Carpet Warehouse installs the following types of Hardwood Floors:

  • Oak Hardwood
  • Maple Hardwood
  • Hickory Hardwood
  • Cherry Hardwood
  • Exotic Hardwoods
  • Cork Floors